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Executive Car Leasing & Sales was founded in 1954 and is the oldest and largest independent leasing company in California with offices in  Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Culver City.
Executive has always led the way in leasing through innovation, financial strength,  and integrity. Among our clientele are the finest of businesses and individuals. Discerning customers, who demand the utmost in care and confidentiality, choose Executive for the best deals and the finest in service.
At Executive, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Call or email us anytime and let us know how we may serve you.

Leasing can lower your monthly payment by as much as 40%. More important than your decision to lease, is who you lease from. For over 50 years Executive has extended its massive buying power and full range of leases and services to individuals and companies alike. With Executive you’ve made the right choice.

No Hassle Shopping
In Executive’s giant indoor showroom you can compare all the hottest new models side by side. There’s never any pressure to select one over the other. Make your choice without running all over town, With Executive’s specialists handling the shopping and negotiating, all the financial arrangements, and delivering your new car, you save time and money. In fact, you never have to leave your home or office to lease from Executive. One call does it all.

Nobody Leases for Less
Any new car lease you see advertised, Executive can provide. You choose the term and the lease plan that best suits your needs. When your lease is up, you may release your car, or return it, or purchase it receiving full credit for principal payments.

Executive’s Re-Lease Program

Every Month we get hundreds of vehicles back from lease. We keep only the best, and wholesale the rest. These vehicles are carefully serviced, and offered for lease or purchase. Each one carries either the remaining manufacturer’s, or a CE warranty. These cars look like new, drive like new, and many are half the price of a new one. Financing is also available.


Maximum Trade-In Allowance for your Current Car
Executive will appraise your present car and ensure you get its full value. You can apply this generous allowance to lower your monthly payments, or take it in cash. The choice is yours.

Loan Cars & Discounts
Free loan cars are available while your leased vehicle is in the shop for repairs or scheduled maintenance. Because of our tremendous buying power we also extend to our customers discounted prices on tires, accessories, and other automotive needs through selected vendors.

Join the more than 100,000 satisfied Executive customers today!

“My family has been dealing with Executive for years. Their prices are unbeatable and so is their service. No wonder they’re number one”

“Our company leases its entire fleet from Executive, and believe me, when you’re watching the bottom line, Executive comes through every time.”

“My husband and I were surprised that Executive could be so competitive on our compact car. You think of them for luxury cars for the heavy-hitters, but nothing could be further from the truth”

“Anybody who gets a new car without getting an Executive quote has no respect for money”

“I never had to leave my office. I gave my Executive rep the specs, they negotiated an unbelievable low price, took care of all the paper work and details, and delivered my new car right here to the office. How’s that for service?”

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